“It is a tremendous opportunity to have our daughter  involved in TECHTRONIX. The experience is helping her to expand her passion for building, strengthening her ability to work within a team, and helping to prepare her for a future career in electrical engineering. It is an invaluable life experience that is helping to inspire and equip her to be a leader in the field of science and technology. We encourage every parent to consider getting their children involved in this program, and to watch with excitement the tremendous difference it makes in their lives. Walter & Erica”

"As a fierce advocate of STEM learning in my children, through University camps, private programs, tutors and enriched programming at home, I am acutely aware of the unique benefits the Techtronix program has to offer.

Throwing money at issues in the black community will not work without a principled based approach that imprints pathways to success in young minds.  The many sub-cultures in the black community often focus on arts and entertainment, leaving vast swaths of brain power under developed.  My pre-teen is thriving  in this type of program.

In Daniel Pink’s 2005 book ‘A Whole New Mind’ both right and left brain thinking are key to future success.  This is evidenced by self driving technology, electronic assistants, and artificial intelligence, it’s the quintessential marriage of art and technology.

This program provides a hands on introduction into problem analysis, strategizing for problem solving, design and execution, manufacturing, assembly, critical thinking and project management through doing right from the start.  A healthy by-product of all this are engaged parents who themselves may be learning more about how to shape their child's learning opportunity.

The intersection of ACCN with First Robotics and Ryerson creates a deep and interactive learning experience that also encourages personal growth in our young people and the exploration of their ability; this is preparation for a future that won’t leave them marginalized but guided on how to achieve their potential.

ACCN’s forward thinking and collaborative partnerships is an excellent principle based model designed for successful outcomes and should be shared with other community based groups that are similarly aligned."
Thank you, Arlene Spence.